About ME

Meera Ghosh 

was born in Germany, with half German, half Indian roots. 

She has been a resident of Spain for the past 20 years. She recently changed base from Lanzarote, Canary Islands to the Province of Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

Unique Film & Foto Locations, the inspiring surroundings, the central locality and above all, the Passion of Andalusia, made her do this change.

Her mother being painter & fashion designer and her father creative director & photographer she decided very early to follow their creative footsteps.

At 16 she started her career in modeling. This gave her the possibility to finance her studies in Visual Communication at the University of APPLIED SCIENCES in Düsseldorf. 

While studying she became a trainee working for photographers, followed by freelancer work as an art director and creative director in well known advertising agencies. 

During this time in advertising she finished her second degree in Media Design and graduated at the University of MediaArts, Cologne. After freelancing for some years for German Tv- Stations and Tv Design agencies she moved to the Canary Islands. Since then she has been freelancing from there for Local and German clients. 

Next to photography she has done many film projects, documentaries, music videos, commercials & more. 



Personalities, Models, Actors, Musicians, Dancers, Artists, NewTalent, Kids, Families, Small Businesses... 

Social Network, Editorial, Commercial, Com Cards, Portfolios, Stories, Books…


Commercials, Music Video, Documentaries, Short film

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My all-round experience in Advertising, Television, Film & Fashion give me the background to evaluate each single client & project to find and create the right visual concept, needs and Imagery.

Spoken Languages  DE / ES / EN

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